Welcome to Rock Bottom Foundation Repair

Here at Rock Bottom we offer the best rated foundation repair and related services in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. Since Oklahoma soil is primarily based of clay, it makes it hard to work with. When it becomes wet it is Oklahoma mud causing it to settle from time to time. Both of these items can cause some serious issues to develop i.e. foundational cracks, cracked walls and sloped homes. This is just the beginning of issues that happen when a home begins to sink. Other problems can develop related to plumping, wiring, and drainage. In some of the more severe cases of foundational problems, a home could suffer from irreparable structural damage. Basically, you want to stop the issue as soon as it begins or before is even better.

The Problem with Foundation Repair

When most areas of a home suffer from damage, a homeowner or handy man can repair them. This is not the case when we are talking about a home’s foundation; working with foundation is dangerous work and requires the help of an experienced foundational repair team like Rock Bottom. The importance of a sound foundation can’t be stressed enough, without a solid base, a home will crumble and there is no hope for saving it. It’s important that a team that understands the careful care and consideration that goes into foundation work is there to handle each and every step of the restoration process. Mudjacking and pier support work take careful planning and a skilled team to complete correctly. Even the minutest of details missed or calculated in the wrong way can have dire consequences. Make sure when the time comes you hire Rock Bottom Foundation Repair to handle all your foundation repair needs.

Why Rock Bottom Foundation Repair?

Years of experience give us a needed angle. Literally every job requires a unique approach due to the fact that every house is built different and settles in its own unique way. It takes a keen eye and experienced team to know what to do for each home and its own unique situation. The best thing you can do when you suspect foundational repair is needed is not to waste any time and contact Rock Bottom Foundation Repair of Tulsa Oklahoma immediately. Our team will quickly evaluate the current situation and get your foundation repaired immediately to stop your home from facing further problems. Our team works fast, safe and with an excellent attitude to ensure you get the best job done for your home.

How to Contact Us

Call us by phone or schedule an appointment online for a free visit and estimate from one of our foundation experts. Your home needs the support of the best in the business as well as the support of a solid foundation.