Tulsa OK Foundation Repair

Rock Bottom is the premier foundation repair team in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. We are specialized in all aspects of foundation repair and house leveling. At Rock Bottom our company provides the best customer experience at an excellent, affordable cost. Our team only uses premium materials and components for our jobs, our methods used are also the most advanced in the industry. And our services are available for anyone living in Tulsa Oklahoma and surrounding cities. Our company has been helping homeowners in the Tulsa area as well as companies for years.

Services We Offer

Consider us one of the elite foundation repair companies in the Tulsa area, we use the following techniques to level and raise homes:

Pier and Beam Systems

Concrete Piers and Perma Pile PiersOne of the premier systems we use is called the Perma-Pile system and utilizes strong concrete piers to enable support.

Steel Foundation Piers – Along with the advanced Perma-Pile system, we also use strong steel piers to reinforce support and help level homes.

Torpedo PiersThese are deep piers that are dug into bedrock and other hard substances. Typically these piers are dug down at least 90 feet for ultimate security.

Earthquake PiersThese piers use a combination of metal, concrete and other materials to make piers that help secure homes in the ground but are more forgiving and less likely to crumble or give during a quake.

House Leveling Services

Mudjacking – This is a system used to level and raise a concrete slab from below and help level a home.

Pressure Grouting – Similar to Mudjacking, pressure grouting is another way to raise the slab of a home and level it.

House Raising

House Lifting – This procedure is the first step in relocating a home, it can also be used to help in the correction and repair of foundations and support beams of a home.

House Jacking – Another name for house lifting, a screw/hydraulic jack system is used to prop the home up to prepare for relocation or repair.

Other Services

Drainage Corrections – The accumulation of water is one of the leading causes of foundational damage. Our team can redirect and correct any drainage issues, thereby saving your home.

Structural Engineering – Our team can use advanced engineering to strengthen the support beams and foundational stability of your home or business.

Every member of our staff is courteous, professional, highly skilled and trained and ready to give you the best level of customer service available.

Being one of the elite teams for foundational repair in the greater Tulsa Oklahoma area has its advantages. We have the ability to use the best techniques to fix any issues that arise with a home’s foundation.

Choosing the Right Company

When selecting a foundation repair company, there is one simple rule to follow. Always hire a team that is guaranteed and backed by customer testimonials. By hiring a team with a quality work history, you know you’re getting a team that can be trusted. Rock Bottom Foundation Repair has the previous experience to guarantee you the best job will be done on your home.

We never cut corners or use poor quality materials. Our team always keeps a positive, friendly attitude and a safe working environment. Your safety and the safety of your home or business is our primary concern. Our detailed, hard driven work ethics provides our customers with the best foundation repair work available in the area.

Call us or schedule an appointment online and one of our specialists will give you a free consultation and estimate on the work for your home.