Earthquake Piers

Earthquake Piers Tulsa OK

If you live earthquake country, Rock Bottom can help. A couple of reasonably simple earthquake building up upgrades may be all you need to keep your residence from sliding off its foundation in a quake. Earthquake support piers are one of the best options and Rock Bottom specializes in these.

That’s since damages from an earthquake could be so substantial. In some instances, the only remedy is to totally rebuild. Quakes could worsen existing home foundation troubles. If you don’t have quake insurance coverage, the economic effects could be alarming. Also if you do carry earthquake insurance, straightforward earthquake reinforcing measures could possibly still conserve you tens of thousands of dollars, since quake insurance policy typically brings a large insurance deductible. Rock bottom is prepared to help you with the task at hand.

How Earthquake Piers Work

Residences constructed to today’s building regulations should be strong enough to maintain people protected throughout a quake. But older residences, also those constructed a couple of decades earlier, could need fortifying. Rock Bottom can tell you what’s needed in your location, as well as whether you need layout aid from a structural designer.

If you need simply basic upgrades, we have easy we can perform. If you’re preparing to wall or complete the basement, take on quake reinforcing initially, before cutting off accessibility to wall surfaces.

If your home rests on a wall of poured concrete, with perhaps a few articles in the center under beam, there might be absolutely nothing however a couple of nails and also gravitation to hold your home in position. That’s when Rock Bottom takes the necessary steps to install our powder coated, heavy duty, support beams with thick and moveable concrete pads.

If your house rests on a border structure made with concrete blocks that are completely loaded with rebar as well as concrete, we can retrofit it as if the structure was made of solid poured concrete. However if the blocks are hollow or if the structure is unreinforced brick or stone, we’ll use the help of an architectural designer to figure where to best place the posts.

For a residence that rests straight on a concrete piece, we’ll use steel straps or screws to tie the sill plate to the concrete in addition to the earthquake piers. If you have an unfinished garage, we will examine sill plates there as well. If the garage walls are enclosed, we can perform inspection by removing a part of drywall or exterior siding in an inconspicuous spot.

Why Rock Bottom Foundation Repair?

Some homes are assisted by upright posts that rest on concrete blocks or docks which during an earthquake, these support posts are especially at risk to back-and-forth seismic movement as well as may collapse. Fixing collapsed blog posts can be expensive, if the residence can be restored. Without preparation, you could lose your home entirely.

The preventative option could be as easy as bracing the post, or as costly as including a new structure. Rock Bottom wants to help you secure your home to avoid any costly fixes. If you have any questions, please call us for more information and to schedule an appointment.