Torpedo Piers

Tulsa OK Torpedo Piers

Torpedo Piers are the closes thing you can get to a permanent solution to foundation problems. The best system is one that penetrates deep into hard bedrock and that’s exactly what Torpedo piers are designed to do.

Unless a company goes sinks the support piers into the rock, the supports, just like the home can settle. Once the supports settle, once again you’ll be suffering from foundation and leveling problems. That’s why Rock Bottom Foundation Repair uses Torpedo Piers for the hardest jobs to ensure they get done right the first time through.

The Advantages of Torpedo Piers

The Torpedo Pier is designed to go as deep as rock, that’s a depth of at least 90 feet. The purpose for such a deep drill is the piers will easily pass through and penetrate softer roc and materials. Once completed, seasonal issues like rain and mud no longer have any effect on the level of the home. There are certain circumstances where the rock may move, but it’s going to be permanent and the house will remain just fine.

The problem with many pier construction is that piers very in size and depth. Many of them are wider, a variety of them are screwed into the ground or have a bell shaped base. In most cases they still rest in mud, mud settles, this is what caused the problems to arise in the first place.

Some methods, like Torpedo Piers, increase the odds of success in foundation repair and the results are very slim that any settling will occur in the future. The Torpedo Pier is dug into rock, it’s a bit more costly, but it’s permanent. You’ll save money in the long run and in the future because you can depend on Torpedo Piers from Rock Bottom Foundation Repair of Tulsa Oklahoma.

Why Rock Bottom Foundation Repair?

As a houses structure settles, problems occur. These problems may seem miniscule as first but will always cause problems down the road. The home itself may become dangerous and unfit to live in. The risk of severe financial loss is highly likely when severe foundation issues are present and injury is always possible as well. Unlike other home repair projects, house leveling and foundation repair is dangerous and complicated work. At Rock Bottom we employ the best engineers to ensure that each job is completed to the exact specifications required for a home to make it as safe and secure as possible.

Our team can help return the structural integrity of a home to normal and save considerable amounts of time and money for the homeowner. If you believe you’re facing foundation challenges, call us today at Rock Bottom Foundation Repair of Tulsa Oklahoma.